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Brasilchips offers the following functionalities in order to facilitates the daily work of buyers and providers of electronic and electric components.

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The search engine of Brasilchips has a wide search filter, allowing the user to compare prices between the different providers.

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BOM Analysis

Access to the BOM (Bill of Material) of multiples OEMs and CMs in the sector.

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Stock excess

Search information about stock excess from OEMs and CMs companies in the Brazilian market.

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Shortage / Demand

In Brasilchips you could publish a demand of hard-to-find components or shortage in your production line.

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Register inventory

If you are a provider of electric or electronic components, you can upload your inventory, in order to be visible for any potential customer.

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With years of experience in the Brazilian market, we can help you to identify companies who may want to work as a distributor for your product.

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brasileletronica - novo site de notícias sobre Eletrônica

Para Engenheiros, Designers, Profissionais das Áreas de Automação industrial, Informática, Energias Renováveis, Elétrica, Sistemas Embarcados, Componentes Eletrônicos e Notícias da Indústria. O Portal brasileletronica, divulga notícias e novidades, notícias dos principais fabricantes mundiais. Em Português,Inglês Espanhol. Acompanhe as matérias e fique bem informado.

Date: 28/12/2014 | Font: brasileletronica | Category: Eletrônica internacional


High-speed MOSFET Drivers have New Architecture

Microchip Technology Inc. today announced the first power MOSFET drivers in a new product family—the MCP14A005X and MCP14A015X. These drivers feature a new architecture for high-speed operation, the first in the MCP14A product line

Date: 28/01/2015 | Font: brasileletronica | Category: Distribuidores e Fabricantes


High-speed data acquisition card for optical coherence tomography

Keysight Technologies is now offering its U5303A high-speed data acquisition PCIe card with an option dedicated to the optical coherence tomography (OCT) technology.

Date: 28/01/2015 | Font: brasileletronica | Category: Sistemas embarcados


Olimex ESP8266-EVB Wi-Fi Evaluation Board Includes a Relay, an UEXT Connector

Olimex announced open source hardware ESP8266 modules last month, and the company has just announced the availability of ESP8266-EVB board with an ESP8266 module, a relay, an UEXT connector for other compatible Olimex modules, and headers for access to GPIOs.

Date: 28/01/2015 | Font: brasileletronica | Category: Sistemas embarcados


4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 Processor 3.5" Embedded SBC

4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 Processor 3.5" Embedded SBC with HM86 chipset (QM87 optional) LVDS/ VGA/Dual HDMI/HDMI, Dual LANs & Audio

Date: 28/01/2015 | Font: brasileletronica | Category: Sistemas embarcados

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